Friday 6 December 2013

New Pool nearly finished;Week 6 Day 2 of Couch to 5k - no photos today

Day 2 of week 6 went pretty well today.  It involved a 5 minute walk, 10 minute run, 3minute walk and 10 minute run.  I think day 3 is 20 or 25 minutes of straight running so am looking to doing that over the weekend.  Its a crazy time of year and I have a pretty busy weekend planned but am really looking forward to it.

We are lucky enough to be getting a beautiful swimming pool installed at our house.  The builder who managed the project has done an amazing job and its a couple of days until the boys can christen the pool.  When its finished I'll post some pics.

I had trouble sleeping last night (I'm sure other parents of kids with ASD also stay awake at nights).  Fortunately it doesn't happen very often.  However, I had a pretty quiet day and am hitting the sack in a matter of moments.  My eldest was home from school today so he spent most of the day watching the cricket while I caught up on study, did a run and generally took it easy.  Man, the day went SO quickly!!  Before I knew it I picked the boys up from preschool and T2 had a therapist work with him, while T1 wound down a little (sometimes he comes home pretty uptight after holding it together all day).

Tonight we went to the annual outdoor concert for the school the twins are going to next year.  I didn't know what to expect but it went really well.  There was a sausage sizzle and cake stall and my eldest and T1 discovered a soccer game going on on the side of the field.  Meanwhile, T2 teamed up with a little friend who is in his preschool class this year and played iPhone games.  I met a few parents and I really enjoyed the feel of the event and have really positive feelings about the boys going to big school in 2014.  The boys were really well behaved and I was so proud of them today.  Overall a pretty happy day.

No photos today :-)


  1. Hello, I'm so enjoying reading around your blog. Great to do the C25K, that's what got me up off my bottom a couple of years ago. I couldn't believe it when I ran for 30 mins finally... not that I did 5km in that 30 mins though. It got me into weights at the gym and then into ocean swimming... I think I did it when my twins were in the last year of preschool too. Must be a motherly developmental thing!!

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