Sunday 15 December 2013

Cricket Party; No run today

Yesterday was my eldest's birthday party.  A group of ten 11 & 12 year-olds descended.  We whisked them off to our local indoor cricket centre where they had a great time doing drills, skills and different games of indoor cricket.  After a couple of hours they returned to our home for lunch where they ate EVERYTHING!  There was alot of food and they made short work of it.  Most of the boys had beautiful manners and were a pleasure to take out.  Then we had the cake, which was (of course!) a cricket cake and then we drove the boys home.  My son had a fabulous time and we were all left completely exhausted after a weekend of cooking and preparing for the big day.
They ate 3 trays of this, 3 trays of sausage rolls, 2 trays of mini pizzas, chips, lollies, cake.......

A hurried shot of the cake - the hungry masses were waiting (excuse the sponge!)

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