Tuesday 17 December 2013

OT; no run again; and kids growing up-or not

The bad news is I didn't run today.  The good news is I had an amazing sleep - no security alarms, no kids waking me up at 3am and deciding to stay awake.  But tomorrow I am determined to get started on Week 8 of Couch to 5k...I'm so close to the end.  I stupidly dropped an enormous pepper grinder on the top of my foot which is hurting but I don't think it will affect my running.

T2 had his last occupational therapy (OT) session for the year.  He was a bit distracted but made a gorgeous Christmas tree.  We LOVE our OT and drive 40 minutes across Sydney every week to see her.  She gave both boys a cute Christmas decoration and even gave ME a present.  She is so sweet.  She made the most beautiful smelling candle (some people are so clever!). I'm saving it for a special Christmas night bath.
T2 got the snowmen

T1 got these cute reindeer

I got this beautiful candle
T2 made this - cutting, scrunching and gluing

My eldest went off to a Year 5/6 dinner tonight.  Next year it will be him graduating primary school.  He looked so grown up in his new outfit.  He really is gorgeous (I'm not biased!)  I saw the next 7 years flash by, dreading when he will be an official adult - I want the time to slow down.  Then I think of the twins, particularly T2, and have the opposite reaction.  What if they aren't 'all grown up' at 18?  T2 has so much potential but I'm sure no-one could accurately tell me what he is going to be like at 18.  I HATE the damn uncertainty about the twins' future.  I know T1 is going to be 'ok', I just wish I could be more sure of T2.  I WANT that crystal ball!

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