Sunday 29 December 2013

Beginning new 10k program, my baby is 11 & ABA sessions

This morning I went for an early 5km run.  It felt so hot at 7am and it wasn't easy.  I got home and checked the forecast thinking today must reach 35 degrees and its a top of 25.   Since I've completed the Couch to 5k I thought I'd take a couple of weeks of running 5kms while I find a 10k program.  Yesterday I found one I'm happy with so I've decided I'll jump in straight away.  The name of the website is quite appealing -  That sounds like me.  It has a similar feel to the Couch to 5k so I'm looking forward to it.  The program can be found here.  It does take 12weeks though, but I'm going to try and be patient.  This marathon is seeming further and further away.

Eldest had plenty of help opening his pressies
Yesterday my eldest turned 11.  I kept thinking in 7 years he'll be an adult.  Seven years goes by too fast!  The last six have gone by in a whirl because of all the twins' needs.  But now that they are about to hit school I'm committed to really enjoying time with my eldest.  He's a great kid and I'm really lucky to have him.  We had his official party before school broke up so yesterday was all about a family feast and cake (not as impressive as for his party), cricket, playstation 4, swimming and table tennis.  T1 was a little testy yesterday after being a perfect angel over the Christmas period.  We tried to ignore his behaviour as much as possible and gave lots of praise when he did the right thing.  He really improved in the afternoon.  I think part of the secret was keeping him really busy.
never to old for fairy bread

I think we may have over-catered

chicken and mayo sandwiches were delicious

peanut-free rocky road & lollies

The cake topper arrived a day late so I had to print out a paper one 

Today I did another ABA therapy session with T2.  It went really well and as it was the second session he had today, I was really surprised how focussed and compliant he was.  For reinforcement he really enjoyed playing with Thomas tracks and trains.  I had put them away thinking the Thomas phase was over but if playing with trains gets him through a 2 and a half hour therapy session then so be it.

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