Friday, 13 December 2013

Week 7 Couch to 5k Complete and Big Decisions

Yesterday and today  I did day 2 and 3 of Week 7 of the program.  So it was 5 minutes walking and then 25 minutes of running.  I will try and do a bonus run over the next few days.  I think my body's coping pretty well, only getting a little stiff in the legs.

Its been a really tough couple of days but thankfully I'm feeling good about everything on this beautiful Friday arvo.  Yesterday was another story.... Wednesday night T2 didn't sleep very well and woke up at 3am.  The next day his shadow emailed saying he had one of the worst mornings at preschool ever.  When I arrived to pick him up in the afternoon he was curled up in a corner sound asleep.  He looked like such an angel, poor thing.  When I woke him up he became hysterical, so I cancelled his afternoon ABA session and he eventually calmed down.  The same day I found out that the university I am doing my course through isn't offering my practical until the end of next year.  This was really disappointing because I was wanting to get a job while I study next year.  As most of you with kids with ASD know money can be tight and my degree won't be worth much without practical experience.

Last night was late night shopping so I thought I'd finish doing my Christmas shopping.  I rang my husband to check in - and he was at the hospital with my eldest!  The table tennis table had fallen on his leg.  We were all quite worried as my son is very serious about his cricket and the injury was very close to his knee.  Thankfully it appears to be mainly bad bruising.

my poor baby :-(

I also met my mum for dinner and the most ENORMOUS burger!  Earlier in the day I popped into a local cafe with my mother-in-law and shared a yummy brownie.

I couldn't work out how to eat this monster!

Thankfully T2 slept really welllast night, had a beautiful day at preschool and a great ABA session this arvo.  I decided to put off my anatomy subject and do a tafe course over summer so I can work while I complete my degree.  This was a big decision and hopefully I'll be able to do anatomy 1st semester next year.

So T2 is back to his usual self, my eldest's leg is not as bad as it might have been and I've now worked out a way to get some work while I study. And Christmas pressies are just about done! After a couple of stressful days its great to end on a good note.  Now, if I could just eradicate this nagging headache!  Have a great Friday arvo.

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