Monday 16 December 2013

Week 7 Bonus Run; Fruitcake and peanut-free Rocky-Road

Last night my neighbour's security alarm went off at 3am so I overslept a little and decided to do today's run in the arvo.  Basically I just did a repeat of the 5 minute walk and 25 minute run.  After two days of rest my legs felt pretty fresh and I got through the run relatively easily.  Tomorrow I start Week 8, which involves 28 minutes of running.  The end of this program is in sight!

This morning my mother-in-law cooked our Christmas fruitcake.  If you want to make this fruitcake for Christmas you'll have to wait until next year, as the fruit has been stewing for a month!  Today was the day to mix the flour, butter and eggs in and cook for 3 hours.  Then she wrapped it in a tea towel and the cake needs to be wrapped for 12 hours.  My mother-in-law told me today she remembers her great aunt wrapping the cake.  I can't wait to eat some of this cake.  I'm a fruitcake and pudding kind of girl, whereas my husband is a pavlova kind of guy.  Too bad- more for me :-)!

can't wait to sample this

wrapped up for 12 hours
the next day I was allowed  taster -not the size of that slice.  It was amazing!

Later I found a recipe for rocky road (here) which T1 helped me to make for gifts for therapists, swimming teachers and preschool teachers. I added almonds instead of peanuts and jelly snakes instead of Turkish Delight. The family liked it and so did I but I thought there were a few too many marshmallows.  My husband told me a beautiful gesture, that one of the senior members of his staff pulled him aside at work today and said how he knows its been a tough time and gave him $50 (which my husband tried to give back!!).  This gesture brought tears to my eyes.  Its not the money, just the kindness and the thought.  This guy is on the rocky road list - EVERY year!
4 blocks of milk Lindt and 1 block of dark Lindt - yum

T1 was keen to help

We put in jelly snakes instead of Turkish Delight

Tonight I'm feeling pretty good after battling a mild headache all day (I wonder if the mega B12 dose helped?).  Although I withdrew from anatomy this semester I craftily downloaded every lecture for the course so that I'll be super ready for Semester 1 next year.  So I'm going to listen to a lecture on blood and read.

Do you have an awesome recipe for Rocky Road?  If so please share, I want to try a few different recipes.

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