Sunday 8 December 2013

Final preschool concert and ABA team to Fat Buddha; C25k Week 6 Day3

Today's run involved a 5 minute walk and... a 25 minute run!  So glad to be running for decent periods of time without stopping.  Also glad I haven't been feeling any twinges or aches (touch wood).  Afterwards, I had a first our new pool!

I love love love our new pool!  And so do the kids :-)

First up this morning was the twins final church performance (the preschool is based out of the local church).  I was SO proud of the twins.  At the beginning of last year I was so nervous about them behaving and we'd do extra practising at home before services.  Today I didn't think twice and the boys were AMAZING.  They can really sing well, did all the actions and listened to the children's sermon without making weird noises or anything.  Usually T1 is pretty indistinguishable but I really thought T2 was quite indistinguishable from his peers throughout the whole performance.  If he could only be like that all the time!

This arvo was my ABA team's Christmas outing.  I like to take my team out, because really they are fantastic, incredible people.  Some of them have been working with the boys since they first started ABA, 2 1/2 years ago.  We went to Yum Cha at the QVB at Fat Buddha, which is great because it has good food in a beautiful location.  Afterwards we ended up at rooftop pub called Sweeneys that one of my hip therapists knew about.  So we sat in the sun catching up over this is what people without kids do on weekends :-).  Sometimes these girls put up with cr*p from my kidlets and they are truly exceptional people.  Its great to show how much I appreciate their efforts.

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