Monday, 2 December 2013

Couch2k5 Week 5 - Complete, topic of the day - joints

After the hectic weekend I tried to chill out as much as possible today.  It was a beautiful morning and I did Day 3 of Week 5 of the Couch25k program.  It involved 5 minutes walking and then 20 minutes running.  It was great to run for a longer period of time but I can imagine that week 5 is where many people get injured/give up. There seems to be a jump between week 4 and week 5.

My favourite view from my run

After that the boys and I were keen to buy some Christmas decorations as our new big tree was looking a little bare.

I spent some time studying joints and listening to lectures for my uni course.  Anatomy and physiology is a pretty intense subject.

My textbook - a doorstop

it has pretty pictures!
When my eldest and husband got home we went to the park for quite a long time.  I walked the twins to the playground while my eldest did some cricket training with my husband.  T1 played with other kids and T2 cruised around.  It was pretty quiet at the park but the other family was really lovely.  A very pleasant afternoon all up.

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