Friday, 27 December 2013

Couch to 5k - Completed!, Christmas Buffet high tea at the Swisshotel, ABA session with T2

Well its been a very busy couple of days.  This morning I finished the Couch to 5k program.  Hooray!  For the next 2 weeks I plan on running 5km 3-4 times a week before extending my runs.  My next aim is 10km!

This morning I did an ABA session with T2.  I was really worried about behavioural problems because I haven't done a session with him for about a month.  Anyway he was really good and did really well on many targets, like riding a bike, pronouns, occupation functions, mazes etc.  But he is still  getting confused with some where/when questions and having trouble making up stories.  For reinforcement we did chasing where I pretended to be a dinosaur or a ghost, roly poly with a blanket where I roll him up in a blanket and then he does the same to me, alphabet puzzle (sigh!) reading books and a snack.  Reinforcement is so important in ABA, just as it is in life.

After that, my mother-in-law, my eldest and I went to the city to the Swissotel for a Christmas High Tea buffet.  It was AMAZING.  I bought a Groupon voucher so it was very reasonably priced.  When I wanted to bring my eldest they only charged $20 extra for him to come (this included full buffet, orange juice and a hot chocolate!).  I asked to speak to the chef about my eldest's peanut allergy and there was only one dish with peanuts.  And there was a chocolate fountain!  We were all in food heaven and were seated in a quiet window seat together.  What a fantastic afternoon.   It was my eldest's last day as a 10 year old.  I can't believe it!

T1 and T2 would have ripped into these pressies :-)


Don't you love, love, love a buffet?  I do

I should have had some fruit salad - but I did have strawberries dipped in chocolate :-)

Santa strawberries!

love these meringue snowmen

a peach something cocktail - yummo!

hot chocolate for my eldest - and his hands

my favourite oriental teapots

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