Thursday, 26 December 2013

Best Christmas Ever! & Week 9 of Couch to 5k, tragic news

On Christmas Eve I ran 5km and although it took me over 30 minutes I really tried to step up the pace.  No run on Christmas Day (I'm not that dedicated yet!).  Today I ran the 5km course but decided not to time myself, as it was getting me a little down.  So instead I decided to push it a little and just listen to my body.

Christmas Eve seems like a long time ago.  In the afternoon we took our 3 boys to the cinema to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  I was confident that my eldest and T1 would love it but was quite unsure about T2.  Its a long time for him to sit still.  I stocked up on snacks potato chips, popcorn packets, apples, lollipops and T2 munched his way through it all - but overall he was really good in the movie.  Its really important to me to drag him along to outings, otherwise I worry he'll never be 'ready'.
All the boys were really excited the night before the big day.  I was a little worried the day would start at 3am, but luckily T2 was first up at 5.30am and we got him to hop in with us until after 6, when T1 woke up.

 I was really happy with how excited they were, how interested they were in opening (and playing with!) all their pressies.  One of the (few:-)) advantages of parenting a child with autism is that a parent doesn't take ANYTHING for granted.  The Mario WiU game was popular with all the boys, T1 has been playing with his Skylanders and T2 loves his Furby and his.. ahem... alphabet puzzle.  I was justt happy he wasn't too into the alphabet puzzle.  We had family over and the boys were just so calm all day and behaved really well at the table during Christmas Lunch.  I even got a chance to read and eat chocolate.  Whenever anyone asks what I want I always say a good book and some good chocolate and some time to read and eat.  It absolutely poured with rain ALL day and luckily we have table tennis under the carport which was popular with our guests and my eldest and T1.
hard at work!

A Furby has joined the family - his name is Bee- Boo!

A good old Aussie pav!

THE fruitcake - 30 days in the making.

Beautiful fresh cherries

Such a happy day.  No tears, no fights, no screaming.  Everyone was so lovely to each other, happy and well-behaved.  At times we had 10 people in the house.  It could have gotten overwhelming but thankfully it didn't.  If every Christmas Day from now on is as happy as this one I will be very happy.  I hope your Christmas was as happy as mine was.

I wasn't sure whether to mention it but just read the heartbreaking news that a little boy with autism, Connor Graham Elliott, has drowned in Australia.  This is so tragic, poor little soul.  I mentioned the troubling rates of children on the spectrum drowning in an earlier post.  I don't know the answer, or what can be done about it.  I wish something could be done about this.  T2 loves water and one of my worst fears is that he may drown.  He is a competent swimmer thanks to all the swimming lessons but murky rivers are a different thing.  My heart goes out to this poor little boy and his family.  May Connor rest in peace.

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