Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Week 8 Day 1 Couch to 5k; Manly Beach

A rocky start to the day.  T2 has a 'thing' about water and I left him for literally 60 seconds and he flooded the bathroom.  If it was another 60 seconds water would have been running down the stairs.  Then when we got him to clean it up and he knew he did the wrong thing he ran down stairs and broke a tea cup.  This was all before 6.30am! After a big clean-up I headed out for my run. It involved 5 minutes walking and 28 minutes running.  I felt really good.

After that T1 and I went to the shops and whipped up another batch of rocky road for teachers/therapists etc.  Then our last school visit before the big first day of school.  The twins met their teacher for next year.  Its all really exciting (and terrifying)!

Then it was the last swimming lesson for the year.  All year I've sat with the same two mums at swimming.  We kind of clicked and throughout the year we've all had injuries, sicknesses and talked about the ups and downs of motherhood.  I never mentioned the twins' autism but mentioned that T2 needed support and the implication was there.  They never asked questions or treated me or my sons as pariahs.  They just accepted us.  One of the mum's is moving away and we'll probably never see each other again.  Its funny that we only officially introduced ourselves today though.  We know all the kids names and our work history etc etc.  I'll really miss them.
More Rocky Road!

Picture perfect day at Manly

So gorgeous at Manly this afternoon

In the late arvo today I took off to my mum's to help her look after some Japanese students she is hosting.  She told me they were difficult, and didn't seem to want to be there - I was a little nervous.  Then I thought - "wait, I look after two kids with autism 24/7 - how hard can these girls be?"  And really, it was a piece of cake!  We went to Manly and it was a gorgeous, gorgeous afternoon.  The girls wanted to build sandcastles and I've just realised that I was overenthusiastic about digging gigantic sand holes and my back is now KILLING me - bring on the neurofen!.  After about an hour of sandcastle and hole digging I suggested a swim.  The water was great and I took a board in and one of the girls managed to catch a couple of waves.  I actually caught one too - I'd forgotten how FUN it is to boogey board!  We were in the water for at least an hour.  Then we went for a walk and I tried to get them to talk about themselves.  They were quite sweet really and tomorrow we're taking them to the zoo while the twins are at preschool. I could have done with a rest day - but never mind.  The zoo is pretty a cool place and I can never say no to my mum.

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