Saturday 21 December 2013

Santa at In2cricket; Christmas visits; dogs

Well it was an early Saturday morning.  At 5.15am T2 hopped (yes hopped!) down the stairs.  Somehow he injured his ankle late yesterday.  Today he did not weight bear on his ankle at all.  It didn't look bruised or swollen and my GP isn't available today.  Some would think why not run him up to the local medical centre or hospital?  Well, the last time I took T2 to the local hospital with croup he was physically restrained for a significant period of time in order to get him to wear an oxygen mask (even though his actual oxygen levels were ok).  He had bruises from where he was restrained.  That day I vowed I would avoid hospitals at all costs and refuse any medical staff permission to restrain my son.  Obviously in emergencies I would do what is necessary.  So I cancelled all therapy sessions for T2 and am hoping tomorrow he will improve.  I'm not looking forward to x-rays etc this close to Christmas with a child on the spectrum.  Fingers crossed!

Another busy day in the lead-up to Christmas.  First up was Milo cricket.  After today's session we had a very special visitor - Santa!  He handed out presents to the kids and cracked many jokes (a very cheeky Santa!).  There is now over a month off of cricket and I must admit I'll enjoy the break.  I stupidly forgot my phone (T2 was at home playing with it).  Hopefully my fellow coach will email me photos of T1 and Santa.  T1 was very happy with his Ninja Turtle :-)

Next up our BCBA (behaviour analyst) dropped in for a visit.  My BCBA is one of the most important people in my life-I'm not exaggerating!  She is my go-to person for all behavioural troubles, learning difficulties, programming and school preparation.  Not to mention listening to my panicky Friday afternoon phone calls with eternal patience and calmness.

Then one of T1's former junior therapists visited and brought her most gorgeous dog!  Its a cross schitzu and poodle.  He is really gorgeous and the kids (and us adults) were VERY taken with this dog. We've all agreed that we should dogsit this dog whenever possible.  One day I really want to get a dog for the boys.  I know some families get specially-trained dogs for people with autism.  I'd like to look into the benefits of having a dog for individuals with autism.  The cutest moment was when T1 started talking to the dog (Lenny) and showed him his drawings 'these are my drawings'.  It was soooo cute :-).  This junior (who is now a practising psychologist) gave the boys some plaster craft sets.  T1 and my eldest had fun making the plaster and painting them.  Unfortunately the magnets didn't hold though.

gorgeous Lenin - love those teeth!

plaster craft set

Teamwork with big bro

unfortunately the magnets didn't hold-but it was still a fun activity

T1 painting the pirate

eldest son was keen to participate!

T1's pirate

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