Monday 23 December 2013

Couch to 5k Week 8 - bonus run; thankful for Junior Therapists & scalded!

This morning I decided to use the MapmyRun app to see how far I'm running.  So far I've been focusing on fulfilling the time requirements.  I was disappointed.  If I don't step up my pace a little I'm going to struggle to run 5km in this last week of the program.  At least its good to know that I need to step up the pace.  There are 3 hills in my run so that's one excuse for me going so slow.  The stats were 4.11km in 34 mins 17 seconds.

T2 had a therapy session this afternoon with one of his Junior Therapists.  This therapist has been working with T2 for 2 and a half years.  Since the very beginning of our ABA journey.  Junior Therapists are usually university students studying psychology, occupational or speech therapy.  Without junior therapists an ABA program doesn't happen.  They are the ones who put it all into practise, find the reinforcers to motivate the child and make learning fun.  Frequently they have to deal with negative behaviour while implementing many different programs.  They see the highs and lows of family life.  Some stay with a family for years and they become part of the family.  I'm lucky enough to have quite a few therapists who have been with us for 2 or more years.  Today this therapist brought bought craft sets for the kids and delicious home-made treats for us adults.  She is a treasure.  What really astounded me is how excited T2 got about his plaster dinosaur.  He rushed outside and began painting it straight away.  This is the sort of thing T1 does so I'm really happy T2 is interested as well.
T2 is finally drawing for fun!

T2 painting his dinosaur - a present from his therapist.

She even gave my eldest a present - this cool tree that grows crystals

She baked Christmas goodies for the adults

I definitely didn't lose any weight today
Unfortunately, the low point of the day, was me stupidly spilling a hot cup of tea down my front.  It was extremely painful and I was very shaken.  I spent a couple of hours putting iced water on it on and off.  I couldn't believe how hot the tea felt.  It has made me more wary of hot drinks around the twins.  I'm lucky it really wasn't a bad burn - I'm just a baby.  It also made me think of that brave, brave runner who was terribly burned running an outback race.  Her name is Turia Pitt.  What an amazing person.

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